Introducing the latest innovation in power add-on drives – the Alber e-pilot!

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Electric Hand Bike for Manual Wheelchairs 

Transform your wheelchair into a sporty vehicle in just a few simple steps.  Choose between either using your manual chair as standard, or attach the e-pilot to go further and faster.  Long or short journeys, the elegant lithium-ion battery pack gives maximum flexibility with more range – up to 50km! The e-pilot also allows you to master everyday obstacles with the strong, efficient front wheel and powerful drive.

The sporty, dynamic appearance of the e-pilot is emphasised by the appealing range of colours.  The options available allow you to easily adapt the e-pilot to match your individual taste and style.

The Mobility Plus Package will get you to your destination quickly and efficiently with a range of useful features.  Connect your e-pilot to your mobile and take advantage of EasyNavi – the wheelchair friendly navigation system and the cruise control function for an effortless, comfortable drive experience.

View full details about the Alber E-PILOT here